UTC evaluates each new applicant MDiv, STM and DipMin, for linguistic capacity for ministry in French and English. All students then enter into a commitment with the College, accompanied by a concrete plan to achieve a functional capacity in ministry in their non-dominant official language by the time of graduation. The College will work with students to identify resources and strategies to help them accomplish this goal.  Students may apply to the College for financial aid to support French language studies. When possible the College will share in the expense of these studies.

Students who attain an established level of functionality in the second official language, will, at graduation, receive a Certificate in Bilingual Ministry in addition to their Degree or Diploma.

Please note that more Certificate Courses will be offered in Winter 2017. Please check back for updates and announcements.

Certificate Course offered 2015-2016:

Winter 2016

Français pour le ministère – Niveau 2
Instructrice:  Angelika Piché

Summer 2016

French for Ministry Course – Level 1
Instructrices: Angelika Piché et Dominique Boss

French for Ministry Course – Level 2
animée par Angelika Piché