Campus-based B.Th./M.Div.

Applicants wishing to pursue the M.Div. degree must be admissible to both McGill University and to the United Theological College. Please refer to the McGill University website for full details of their admission requirements.

UTC’s academic admission requirements dovetail with those of McGill University. In brief, the following may be helpful in determining academic eligibility.

  • You will normally hold a bachelor’s degree or its recognized equivalent, with a CGPA of 2.70 or higher for admission to the two-year B.Th. degree programme.
  • If you are over 26 years of age and “lack the academic background normally required for entry into the B.Th. programme,” you may apply for entrance as a Mature Student. If accepted, you will be enrolled in a qualifying year of designated Arts and Religious Studies courses (see the McGill Calendar for details). Students in this qualifying year who achieve a CGPA of 3.00 with no grade less than 65% in their first term of study (= 15 credits) are retroactively advanced into the 90-credit B.Th. program. Otherwise students completing the qualifying year (= 30 credits) with a CGPA of at least 2.50 and no grade less than 60% are then promoted to the 90-credit year.

If you are seeking admission to the United Theological College as a degree student you must also meet the following requirements:

  • Satisfactory relationship with judicatory body of denomination for those seeking ordination
  • Demonstrate capacity for leadership, and willingness to pursue spiritual and professional development
  • Submission of supplementary written documentation (see Application forms) and an interview with College representatives

How to Apply (Campus-based Degree Programmes)

  • Students wishing to pursue the M.Div. degree must make application to both McGill University and to Le Séminaire Uni / The United Theological College.
  • Application to McGill University is made online at McGill’s website.
  • For complete instructions on how to make an application to United Theological College, please see What to Include in Your MDiv Application and mail in all the required items by post along with supporting documentation and application fee.
  • You may opt to pay your application fee online.

For any questions or help with applying, please contact (514) 849-2042 ext. 200 or by email.

After review of the McGill and UTC application forms and supporting documentation, UTC will normally arrange for an interview with the applicant. This interview is intended to provide the student with the opportunity to be known to the College Community, its mission and ethos, while at the same time allowing both parties to discern whether UTC is the best environment for an applicant’s theological studies.