Application, Registration, Payment of Fees and Financial Aid

Our unique relationship with the Faculty of Religious Studies at McGill University, requires that you give careful attention to matters of application, registration and payment of fees. While some of the process and the documentation that we ask that you provide may appear to be redundant, if you follow the steps below The United Theological College (UTC) will be able to track your application, arrange your entrance interview and respond to any questions that you might have along the way.

STEP 1 – Applying to McGill University

Bachelor of Theology (at the same time as you apply for studies at UTC).
Program description:
How to Apply:


  1. Apply to McGill’s BTh program on-line
  2. Print a copy of your completed on-line application and a confirmation of its submission.
  3. An application fee is payable on-line by credit card.
  4. Required documents:
  5. Documents must be sent to the following address:

McGill University
Bachelor of Theology Program
Enrolment Services
Student Records
3415 McTavish Street, Room MS 13
Montreal, Quebec H3A OC8 Canada

6. A SECOND SET of the Recommendation letters and your official transcripts MUST ALSO be mailed to:

The United Theological College / Le Séminaire Uni
Attn:  Entrance Committee
3521 rue Université
Montreal, Quebec H3A 2A9

Note: Standard practice is that references and official  transcripts must be posted by the referee or academic institution, and not by the applicant. Unofficial transcripts and copies are not acceptable

STEP 2 – Applying to The United Theological College

UTC documents will be found under Forms.

You must mail to UTC:

  1. A hard copy of your McGill on-line application. The additional data that we will require is minimal.
    • a second set of the recommendation letters and your official transcripts must also be sent to UTC
  2. A completed Applicant Information Form
  3. UTC application fee of $60.00 payable to The United Theological College either:
    • by cheque or
    • by credit card on our website (indicating ‘application fee’ in course description)
  4. Three personal essay question responses:
    • An autobiographical statement. (maximum 1, 250 words)
    • A reflection on your understanding of ministry and vision of what ministry might look like for you in the future. What do you understand to be the gifts and liabilities that you would bring to this ministry? (maximum 800 words)
    • A reflection on your experience of diversity in the Church. How have you been challenged personally by the opportunities for, and realities of, diversity in your context? (maximum 800 words)
  5. Copies of two essays that you have submitted for any course at any point of your academic career. Please chose something that you are proud of and that you think demonstrates your academic ability. It is not necessary to submit a graded copy.

This material will complete our file, help us get to know you, and to be intentional about particular areas of conversation in an entrance interview.

Our Process:

  • UTC Entrance Interview – When the College has received all material related to both your McGill and UTC applications, we will contact you to arrange an entrance interview.  Normally, this interview takes place in person but other arrangements can be made if distance is a factor.
  • UTC / McGill Admission – Subsequent to a successful entrance interview, UTC will sponsor your application at a McGill Admission Committee. Normally, candidates will then receive confirmation of their admission to McGill within a month.
  • Payment of Fees – All students in studies at the United Theological College pay tuition fees to the College and student fees to McGill University.
  • UTC Tuition fees listing – Tuition Fees at UTC can be found at here. A full semester load is calculated on 4 courses or 12 credits.
  • Financial Aid – The United Theological College has financial aid available in the form of scholarships and bursaries. Please review the Financial Aid page on the UTC website for detailed information.

Please call (514) 849-2042 ext. 200, or email if you have any questions. We will gladly assist you.