The United Theological College offers all of the courses required to enter the United Church of Canada from another denomination.

These admission courses are offered in a live-time Webinar based format.  This means that courses can be taken by participants in different geographic locations with classes offered at a set time every week.

Subject to enrolment places available in the class, these courses are also open to persons interested in lay or continuing education.

(*Please note that course enrolments have strict limits and offerings are also subject to sufficient registration.)

The following courses are a part of the curriculum:

United Church Worship
Explore the unique character, history and ethos of liturgical expression in the United Church of Canada. Integrate theory and theology, and develop your skills for worship leadership in congregational and pastoral settings.

United Church Polity and Administration
Using a case-study approach, discover how the United Church makes its decisions. Open The Manual, learn our “rules,” policies, and procedures. Explore the caring and practical dimensions of making decisions and working within church structures.

Learning in a Changing Church: Education in the Church
A course for lay leaders, admission students, and others interested in the educational ministry of the church in changing times. This course offers an overview of models, tools and practices of learning and growing in faith, mission, and vision, based on an understanding of the whole church as a learning community.

United Church History and Theology: A survey of the Rich History  (Double Course)
This course is a survey of the rich history of the United Church of Canada and of the various kinds of theologies generated throughout that history and within the United Church today. As participants continue to expand their knowledge of and engagement with United Church history and theology in years to come, this course will provide skills for those endeavours.


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