D.D. and Companion Nominations

Each year at this time, members of the Board of Governors of UTC are invited to submit nominations for the honourary degree of Doctor of Divinity to be bestowed by UTC at the spring convocation. The degree is a public honoring of an individual who has made significant contribution to community and church and who has, in short, made a difference. UTC has maintained a tradition of recognizing those who are not necessarily in the forefront of public attention, but whose contributions are no less significant. It may be helpful to remember this when considering your nomination(s).

Below you will find guidelines by which the DD committee will function in its review of submitted nominations. Your careful review of these guidelines may help frame the presentation of your nomination and may also bring to mind someone whom you believe merits this kind of honor but does not necessarily fit the traditional image of a DD recipient.

There is no set format for the submission of names you would want to nominate for a DD, however your attention to the following suggestions will help the committee do its work with integrity:

  1. Please read the guidelines which the DD Committee will review at the beginning of its process
  2. Provide the Committee with as much relevant information as possible including external documentation when available. Newspaper articles, publications, interviews, programs etc would all be helpful to the Committee
  3. Note specifics rather than generalities in your nomination, eg. rather than indicate involvement in and contribution to “many organizations” or levels of church government, please list as many as possible and identify the specific contributions
  4. If, as several of you have already suggested, there are any “unusual” features to your nomination, please anticipate the Committee’s concerns and strengthen your nomination by addressing whatever the issue might be head on. Propose a solution or a frame in which the “unusualness” of the nomination might be seen most positively
  5. Please ensure that your nomination(s) are in the UTC office NO LATER THAN NOON, Friday, January 8, 2016. Nominations received after that date will not be available for review by the Committee. You may:
    • Mail
    • Fax (514) 849-8634
    • Email pjoudrey@utc.ca
    • Drop off nominations personally

D.D. Committee Guidelines

As Adopted by U.T.C. Board on Jan 23, 1986

  1. Granting of D.D.s:
    to continue with the practice of granting D.D.s, normally on a yearly basis
  2. Number of D.D. Recipients: normally never to exceed three recipients. The following considerations were expressed:
    • take into consideration the number of graduating students in determining the number of D.D. recipients
    • to exercise discernment and sensitivity in the selection of
      Convocation speakers, especially when the person is one of several D.D. recipients
  3. Nomination Process:
    • the Board is to be alerted each fall that nominations for D.D. candidates are received by the Committee. The list of Committee members is to be communicated to the Board
    • the Board is to vote on names submitted by the Committee
    • no fewer than two-thirds of the people present at the Board meeting must vote favourably in the choice of a D.D. recipient
    • nominations from the floor should not be discussed by the Board, but referred to the D.D. Committee for consideration and further report to the Board
    • vote by secret ballot
  4. Criteria and Guidelines:
    • the D.D. is not granted in “absentia”
    • the College will seek to select person/s whose contributions in terms of ministry (lay, pastoral, academic) have indicated areas of concern of the College
    • the College will aim at pointing to commitments, styles, areas of witness and ministry which are felt to be, in a significant way, pointing towards the future and are sources of inspiration
    • the College will seek, with intentionality, to honour people who are not necessarily in the forefront of attention and public recognition

The following factors, not listed in order of priority, are to be kept in some balance in choosing candidates:

  • women and men
  • congregational and special (including academic) ministries
  • lay and ordained
  • national and contextual (Quebec/Canada; French and English, minority groups) candidates
  • United Church and ecumenical candidates

To download the DD Nomination Form, please click here.

Companion of the College

The old African saying affirms that “It takes a village to raise a child.” Theological educators might easily employ the same image regarding formation for ministry. The College affirms its mission as “the preparation of lay and order of ministry persons for a variety of Christian ministries within communities of faith and the world.” Faculties may be the public face of the formation process, but the experience of theological education would affirm that every stage of formation engages the gifts, energy and commitment of a host of people beyond College faculties and staff. They are in fact those whose commitment to students and to the mission of the United Theological College allow formation for ministry to be a reality in this place. Their service is on boards and at bake sales, on committees, in kitchens, in counseling rooms, in guiding individuals and shaping programs, in encouraging weary students and providing counsel for faculty, in caring in a thousand different ways for this College and those who pass through it. These people, in no small way, are the life blood of Le Séminaire Uni and we continue to serve in this ministry because of their commitment to share it with us.

The title “Companion of the College” is a vehicle through which to honour particular individuals whose contribution and commitment exemplifies the support of one who is walking with UTC on the particular journey of our mission.

  • Nominations, supported by the documentation may be made by members of the Board of Governors and the student body
  • The DD Committee receives nominations and brings a recommendation for a recipient to the Senate of the College
  • A “Companion” is named on a regular basis, normally one per year
  • Conferring of the recognition will be at a public event, normally the College convocation

Barring exceptional circumstances, candidates for the recognition of “Companion” must be able to attend the ceremony of presentation.

For a list of previous D. D. recipients, please click here, and here for the previous Companion Recipients.